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Mah Smexy Bunneh Bag, Rainbow Lolly Lols and a Cone Bra.

This photo post is brought to you by the sudden realisation at the sheer number of sexface meet up photos there are of yours truly.

bunnybag sex0rz

fuck fucking bunnehs!

I decided to hold a rainbow lolly deep throat competition...
See the concentration - zombi667 is indicating the mark that I have to beat:

I won. XD

But I think that I may have... uh... squicked a newbie... >_>;

It was totalximmortal's birthday and I decided to rock it up in mah Moi-même-Moitié.
I was wearing a long leather skirt and got mistaken for a girl twice... I also had at least three instances of guys coming up to me and saying words to the effect of 'I'm not gay, but if I was, I'd try to pull you...' XD

As we went to an 80's themed club, I decided she needed a cone bra:

This photograph requires no caption. >_>;

It took slightly longer than I thought before the tables were turned:

I'm an equal opportunities aristoslut:

They were determined to get some real life shonen-ai:

So lindykins and I obliged:

I can be genteel if I need to be... but hey, even gentlemen need to eatfuckingcake sometimes. XD
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