Lin [Sick Muse] (lindykins) wrote in eatfuckingcake,
Lin [Sick Muse]

A true example of an elegant lady

My beautiful and ladylike girlfriend returning from our quiet afternoon at a small convention.

And by ladylike, I mean knackered and returning from a silly comicbook convention.

After spending a day wearing ridiculous (but awesome) heeled boots, she returned to a more ladylike sensible way of walking.

Dirty trainers for the win!

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This looks very much like how I expect myself to look returning home from an anime convention next weekend. XD (sneakers = win)

so sexy. :D
huhuauhauhaahuuh soooo sexy! XD
I think I saw you on the saturday afternoon.
Oh? Whereabouts? What were you wearing?
It was around the front entrance,
I can't remeember exactly but I was either wearing a music note JSK, black socks and had my natural dark hair down or a blonde wig with purple and gold shirt, pale purple skirt and necktie and purple boots.
Ah, sorry, don't think I saw you. I pretty much chased down all the lolitas I saw that day XD

And hey, if you saw me... How did I look? I was the guy in the steampunky dress with my lovely girlfriend above.
Both of you looked great.