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We are gonna drink some fucking wine!

this  place is  dead  or  what? xD

To  spice it  up,  I  decided  to  share  with  you  guys  a  few  photos  of  myself  and  my friends  partying in  lolita!
Last  Saturday  there  was  a  gothic party called  Dead  Dolls  Disco  in  my town  and our local  lolita  gang  went there  for  some  dance  and  boooze  xD 

left to  right:  me, [info]miuri_kun[info]taraen  and[info]katuka_chan

We  love each  other  soooooo  much!!! 
Fay, [info]taraen   me  and [info]katuka_chan



Me  and Katuka  are  DAMN  sexy,  aren´t  we? xD


I  was kinda  drunk  when  this pic was  taken :) 


Dancing  Queen......o  la  la ! ! 

Thanks  for watching  and  I  want  COMMENTS  XD
I  love  this community,  what  a pity  so  little people  are  active  here  x x
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How was dancing with a petticoat? (I'm going to a club on Halloween and trying to decide whether or not to wear one)

Also pics are hawt and win.
It is really cool, actually I like dancing in a petti more than dancing without a petti xD Go for it!
I second the fun-ness of dancing in a petti. I've played DDR in lolita before (heels and all) and it was pretty awesome. xD
XD That's awesome!!
Yay babes having fun in loli!
that second picture looks like a game of Telephone going on! Haha I like your dancing pic too :)
This makes me want to go clubbing! Awesome X3
Looks like you guys had an awesome night out! :D