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~~ EAT CAKE ~~

nom nom nom

Eat some fucking cake. Screw "living elegantly"
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We are not Victorian maidens. We are frilly and we are gonna eat some fucking cake.

mission statement
this is what the Lolita lifestyle means to us: beauty. frivolity. indulgence.
"it's making sure your life is enjoyable as possible. a lolita buys a hot new pair of heels, gets some amazing motherfucking cake, and curls up watching her favorite movie with her loved pet. she refuses to just be ordinary. she appreciates beauty, whether a fine painting or a skyscraper or a torn photograph. a lolita does what makes her happy, no matter what." - maetel9

eatfuckingcake exists for those lolitas who choose to celebrate who they are, not what a 18th century etiquette books says they should be - because a fashion shouldn't dictate your personality and turn you into a doormat

now go eat some fucking cake!

- the mods

omg some rulezzz
lj cut your images and huge walls of text. read the LJ FAQ if you don't know how to lj cut
i believe we're all mature enough to handle profanity. however, your brain exists for a reason, so try and not make posts that are nothing but bad bad nasty evil words
^___^ using ^___^ retarded ^___^ emoticons ^__^ every ^__^ other ^___^ word ^___^ is ^___^ retardeeeeed ^__________^ forreals i will smack you through the internets