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Another elegant and demure princess joined the court...

XD just kidding =)

I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce myself, this place doesn't look very active...
but it's AWESOME *_*

Things I like:
-dancing and partying to hard electronic music (yes it's not just the classical waltz or something)
-breaking a lot of loli rules...like shoes and colours =)
-sometimes I swear o_o
-it's not going to kill anyone if I show a bit of neckline, you know xD

Don't care/don't like:
-tea parties like the ones hosted whenever a BtSSB/AP shop opens somewhere. I don't hate it but not crazy after them either
-princesses, tiaras and anything of that kind
-people who think that Classic Lolis live in some mental previous century and eat, speak, live like that
-oh and I carry a parasol out of practicality, not because of the noble palour =)

Don't drink much anymore because I used to have a heavy alcohol problem around 18-19 so I'm on withdrawal.xD But I do have a temper and tend to get into fights, with lolis or not, I don't care (if you're being a bitch I don't even notice what you look like xD), verbal fights at least.=) I can have a rather loud voice too, I'm told.=)

Don't have a picture yet but I'll post one IN MY NATURAL HABIT as soon as I can, I promise =)

*natural habit doesn't mean castle and flower garden

That is all, now what about you?^^
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I concur.